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The importance of having beautiful and healthy teeth

Beautiful and healthy teeth contribute to our success in life

Our teeth are very important in our everyday life, they contribute to our charisma and self-confidence. They ensure our quality of life, allowing us to enjoy food, to have a distinct enunciation and to smile as much as we want, to face everyday routine as well as out of ordinary situations with interest and pleasure. In short, healthy and beautiful teeth play an immense role in how we perceive the world and ourselves. All this becomes evident when we start developing dental problems to the point of losing one or several teeth, and our lifestyle changes drastically.

Disease and lack of teeth break the rhythm of life

Unfortunately life usually leaves its marks on our teeth. Diseases of teeth and gums along with accidental damage can cause tooth loss, which in its turn leads to  aesthetic, functional and organic disorders not only in the mouth cavity, but also in the whole human body, causing physical limitations and psycho emotional  traumas.

But even if a person loses several or even all his teeth, it is possible to restore them, thus bringing him back the ability to eat properly and to enjoy food,  to speak without impediments and to smile. This can be done by using traditional methods of dental restoration, such as removable dentures or fixed bridges, but these solutions are not perfect and often bring with them a number of other specific problems.

Dental implants are the best alternative to bring your normal lifestyle back

Dental implantology is more than 3000 years old. Already ancient civilizations tried to restore teeth using implants. But only with the introduction of titanium dental implants, about  40 years ago, a full, safe, durable and long term tooth replacement became possible. Titanium implants can  replace one or several  missing  teeth and safely holds removable dentures. The implant acts as an artificial tooth root and is a support for a dental prosthesis. More than 5500000  implants have been successfully installed in the world in 2011.The rate of successful  implantation treatments - which exceeds 98% - speaks for itself and contributes to the rising popularity of dental implants.
Dental implants might be a perfect solution for you too:  they can help you to recover your normal lifestyle and your self-confidence, to feel better and to live better.
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