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“Green Implant System Technology” (Germany) headed by Prof. Ilya Musheyev  has developed and implemented a multi-modular implant which is a new-generation implant.

A multi-modular implant is an implant which possesses all the characteristics of regular titanium implants, in what concerns  the implantation  procedure  and the fabrication of  the denture. But unlike regular implants, the new implant developed by our company is a collapsible implant which has a removable upper module.

In case of implant exposure and  bone resorbtion of 2 mm or more, our new technology makes it possible to remove only the upper part of the implant measuring  3mm, without removing the whole implant and thus damaging the bone.

The stages of the treatment procedure are as follows:
A new abutment (a connecting structure between the implant and the crown) and denture are placed on the remaining lower part of the implant. A temporary denture is placed on the new abutment on the same day. Thereby the lifespan of the implant is extended wit...
A new upper module (prefix) is placed on the remaining lower unit, and the bone is reconstructed around it. The uncontaminated titanium surface of the new module guarantees the success of the procedure. Afterwards it is possible to use the old denture or make...
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